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VIVA: APC Discounts

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

This guide has variable layouts and houses the majority of the "sub" pages for VIVA's website.

VIVA Discounts on Article Publication Charges (APCs) for Open Access Journals

Publisher/Publication Open Access Discount Discount Based On  Qualifying VIVA Institutions Notes
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Varies The individual institution's subscription holdings Public Institutions and Subscribing Private Institutions  To receive these savings, authors should submit their institution's AAAS number upon acceptance of their manuscript. The AAAS number and level of savings for VIVA institutions can be found here.
American Chemical Society (ACS): 25% Institutions that subscribe to the ACS "All Pubs" package Public Institutions that subscribe to the ACS "All Pubs" package When authors submit their works through the ACS authorship system, they are prompted to respond whether they are affiliated with an "All Pubs" ACS institution.  Their responses are then vetted against the active ACS list.
Wiley 100% covered through VIVA for fully Gold Open Access Journals  Institutions that participate in the Wiley VIVA Agreement Please see Wiley FAQ page for full list of participating institutions Any researcher at a participating VIVA institution may use these funds, regardless of rank. These funds do not cover hybrid journals. Funding is distributed on a first come first serve basis. More information can be found here