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VIVA: Open Education Network

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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VIVA Open Education Network Membership


Open Education Network (OEN) System Membership allows VIVA to train open education library leaders who will hold workshops for faculty across the state to support them in making greater use of openly available educational materials, including textbooks, which are free of cost to students.

By promoting the use and creation of high quality educational materials that are free for students to use, this initiative increases affordability in higher education, promotes student success, and empowers Virginia faculty to contribute to the growing field of open course materials.

Initial membership was approved by the VIVA Steering Committee in the spring of 2016, in an ongoing effort to strategically support open education and open access initiatives as a state. In the spring of 2017, the VIVA Steering Committee approved future support for faculty reviews through FY21.

The current VIVA OEN System and Campus Leaders can be found here.

Membership benefits

At the 2016 start of the program two trainings were made available through VIVA’s system wide membership in OEN and included:

  • A full-day training for Virginia higher education institutions to create and build Campus Leaders (e.g. train the trainer). These leaders will organize and implement outreach to faculty at their campuses to support the implementation of open textbooks in the curricula.
  • The ability to send three people from Virginia – System Leaders – to OEN's intensive Summer Institute at the University of Minnesota. In addition to organizing and implementing outreach to faculty at their campuses to support the implementation open textbooks in the curricula, VIVA's System Leaders will also organize statewide training opportunities for librarians and present regionally on the benefits of open educational resources.

In 2017, an additional Campus Leader training was completed by VIVA's System Leaders, and in 2018 and 2019, OEN personnel provided Campus Leader trainings for VIVA.

An annual VIVA OEN Best Practices gathering was held in the fall for Campus and System Leaders to share best practices and tips for holding campus trainings through 2018, and in 2019 this became a broader Open & Affordable Course Content Forum.

All OEN System and Campus Leaders are automatically part of VIVA's closed OER listserv, designed to encourage discussion and provide learning opportunities around Open Educational Resources.  

Nomination criteria

  • Leader (or demonstrated interest) in teaching one or more scholarly communication topics (e.g., IR, OER, copyright, or Open Access) at their institution.  The nominee's position should in some way align or overlap with open educational resources but is not limited to any specific library function or department.
  • Strong interest in open education initiatives.
  • Demonstrated ability to organize and implement outreach to faculty.
  • Demonstrated leadership/aptitude in organizing and collaborating regionally and/or nationally.
  • Experience organizing and presenting training workshops.

Efforts are made to ensure that selected leaders represent a wide distribution of VIVA institution types (doctoral, comprehensive, community college, private).