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VIVA: VIVA Open Grants

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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 As part of VIVA’s Open and Affordable Course Content Programs, VIVA provides four VIVA Open grant opportunities: Adopt Grants, Course Grants, Grants for Libraries and Open Publishing Grants. These grants encourage the use of open and affordable course content by providing funding for instructors and libraries to adopt, adapt and create course content that can be made available to students for no or very little cost. Grant details, application and award deadlines, and program information can be found below:

VIVA Open Adopt Grants


Call for Proposals announced each fall semester

VIVA Open Adopt Grants provide awards of $2,000 to individual instructors to support the time it takes to integrate existing open or no-cost materials into a syllabus, and to ensure that the results of those efforts are widely available to Virginia educators. While the committee has a stated preference for funding the adoption of OER funded by VIVA, they recognize that those projects are limited in number and applications for the adoption of other materials are welcomed.

More information can be found at:


VIVA Open Course Grants

$5,000-$50,000, depending on category

Call for Proposals announced each December

The goal of the VIVA Open Course Grants is to make textbook and course materials free to students by empowering faculty with the resources and time they need to develop their curricula using open, library, or no cost resources. Awards will be made in the following categories: Content Creation, Open Pedagogy, Open Ancillary, and Large Scale Adoption. 

More information can be found at:



VIVA Open Grants for Libraries


Coming Soon!

VIVA Open Grants for Libraries are awarded to VIVA libraries to support their on-going work in Open Education. These grants are intended to support the work libraries do to work with faculty to adopt, adapt or create projects that will reduce the cost of course materials. Particularly of interest are projects, such as text bank sprints, that produces teaching materials that can be adapted at other institutions.

More information can be found at:



VIVA Open Rapid Publishing Program


The VIVA Open Rapid Publishing Program provides infrastructure and support for the creation of OER which fill a gap in an area of high need for Virginia higher education. The program aims to fill these OER gaps on an accelerated timeline, with resources completed approximately 1 year after the team is assembled. Once a need has been identified, VIVA assembles a multi-institutional team and provides infrastructure for rapid authorship, publishing support, and outreach and adopt grants for completed projects.

Projects topics may be suggested or projects may be recommended for consideration from those submitted to the VIVA Open Course Grants, Content Creation category.

More information can be found at: