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VIVA: VIVA Open Grants Call for Proposals

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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VIVA Open Grants Request for Proposals

VIVA Open Grants releases requests for proposals, and their associated applications for funding, for each of their grant programs once a year. The RFP describes the scope and aims of the proposals, including how applications will be reviewed. The applications include all of the sections that must be submitted for consideration. Please note that VIVA Open Course Grants also have application instructions available, and applicants are strongly advised to download the instructions as well as the RFP and application. 


Current Applications, RFPs, and Instructions: 


Previous Applications and Requests for Proposals


About VIVA Open Grants

The VIVA Open Grants Program reduces the costs of higher education for Virginia students by eliminating the costs of textbooks and other course materials. These costs can be a significant barrier to student success, shaping everything from what majors are chosen to whether or not degrees are completed. The high cost of textbooks, technology and course materials, currently estimated by The College Board to be around $1,300 per student per year, means that students often do not purchase course materials, and academic performance suffers as a result. Barriers to curricular resources have been further exacerbated by COVID-19.

Although the need is clear, faculty who wish to design courses using open or no-cost materials have few resources available to them. The purpose of the VIVA Open Grant program is address this challenge by providing support for time and support needed to integrate existing open or no-cost materials into a course and/or create new materials.

Grants are intended to:

  • Support faculty as they create or update a syllabus that relies on no-cost course materials.
  • Lower the cost of higher education for Virginia students and contribute to their retention and success.
  • Preserve academic freedom and provide both incentives and support to this critical work.
  • Make available syllabi and ancillary materials that rely on open materials to faculty across Virginia.
Grant Programs
Grant Guidelines

Full or part-time faculty (of any rank, including lecturer) may apply for a grant to support the adoption, adaptation, or creation of OER, including textbooks, software, test banks and ancillary materials, and library resources that replace a traditional textbook or other costly class resources. Each grant category has a different focus and requirements, so individual RFPs should be reviewed to determine which grant program is the best fit for a project. Successful applications will receive 75% of the funding at the outset of the project and the remaining 25% upon completion of a final report.

Applications will be reviewed by a grant committee and VIVA administrators.  Grants will be awarded based on:

  • Potential for student savings, including class enrollment and cost of existing course materials.
  • The use or need for OER.
  • Assessment data and ancillary materials made widely available to other education professionals.
  • Frequency of course offering, with a preference for high-enrollment, required courses.
  • Impact on educational equity and outcomes in traditionally underserved communities.
  • Commitment to continue offering the no cost course materials to students for future semesters/years.
  • Agreement to the terms of the grant and required activities.