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VIVA: VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal

The VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal is a catalog to assist Virginia public college and university faculty in finding and selecting open and affordable textbooks for their courses in one place. The Portal is part of a wide-scale Open and Affordable Initiative by VIVA to provide no-cost and barrier-free access to course curriculum resources for students and researchers. The Portal contains over 200,000 titles from VIVA’s shared library collections, open access textbooks, and ebooks available for VIVA to purchase on behalf of public colleges and universities throughout the state.

VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal



Once you have found a title you can use for your course, please let us know via the Adoption or Request Purchase links! All VIVA-owned content and Open Educational Content is fully accessible through the above link. If you would like to preview the entirety of the ebooks available for VIVA purchase included in the above link, you'll need fuller access to the Textbook Portal. This level of access is available to all VIVA public institution faculty - to receive that link, please contact us at

The VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal is part of the VIVA Open and Affordable Course Content Initiative that is working to increase affordability in higher education, promote student success, and empower Virginia faculty to use and create high-quality educational materials for courses that are free for students and researchers.  To learn more about VIVA’s efforts, including Course Redesign Grants and the Open Textbook Network, click on the links in the left menu. Please send feedback or questions to