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VIVA: VIVA Open Publishing

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

This guide has variable layouts and houses the majority of the "sub" pages for VIVA's website.

VIVA Open Publishing

VIVA Open Publishing is an Open and Affordable initiative providing centralized publishing services and support for our member institution's library publishing programs. 

Centralized services currently focus on support for VIVA Open Grant recipients, while member institutions can utilize the platforms and external contracts to provide platforms and services for their local publishing needs. While VIVA Open Publishing focuses primarily on supporting the development of OER and other course materials, institutional support can also be applied to other types of publications.

Publishing Platforms


Pressbooks is an online content management system based on WordPress and designed to create online books. VIVA provides Pressbooks as a part of the award for VIVA Open Course grant recipients, and some additional instances may be available to member institutions. Request one by completing this form. Institutions can also use the VIVA contract as a vehicle to create local installations. View books published on VIVA's Pressbooks.


VIVA Open is an OER Commons hosted website that serves as a repository for open educational resources (OER) adopted, adapted, and/or created by faculty and higher education professionals at Virginia institutions. Learn more about VIVA Open. 

Publishing Services

VIVA has partnered with Knowledge Works Global (KGL) to provide publishing services for the consortium. Services provide support for the full publishing process, from peer review to print-on-demand. 

Books can be supported through the whole process or for specific needed services, and the list outlined in the VIVA contract is not exhaustive.

VIVA is coordinating publishing services for VIVA Open Grant recipients, and members can use the contract as a vehicle to support local publishing efforts. 

VIVA Publishing Resources