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VIVA: Course Mapping Project

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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Course Mapping Project


The goal of the VIVA Course Mapping Project is to support the discovery of Open Educational Resources (OER) aligned to Virginia courses. Recognizing that competing demands and time constraints present barriers to OER adoption for many instructors, the Course Mapping Project works to consolidate and align OER for high enrollment courses at Virginia higher education institutions.

Transfer Virginia

The current phase of the Course Mapping Project involves mapping OER to Virginia Community College System transfer courses by working closely through the Transfer Virginia initiative. The Course Mapping Project Task Force and ISKME curated and aligned OER to high enrollment transfer courses through the VCCS Transfer Course Mapping Hub on VIVA Open, an OER repository hosted by ISKME.


Faculty Review

Once curation for a discipline is complete, Virginia faculty are invited to review OER for the quality of explanation of the subject matter, comprehensiveness, and cultural relevance in consideration for the courses they have been mapped to. An endorsement is applied to faculty-reviewed OER and standardized comments are shared through the hub. Faculty reviews of curated OER are an essential component to the project as faculty bring expertise and deep understanding of the curriculum and course materials that support student learning. The reviews also provide an opportunity to engage with a cohort of faculty from varying Virginia higher education institutions on their experiences reviewing OER.

Next Steps

The next phase of the Course Mapping Project is to map OER to a broad range of courses at VIVA’s public four-year, public doctoral, and private, non-profit institutions. A Course Mapping Companion Kit has been created to help with workflow. If you are interested in being involved, please email