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VIVA: VIVA Open Publishing Grants

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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VIVA Open Publishing Grants

On the recommendation of the VIVA Grant Review Committe and the VIVA Open and Affordable Course Content Committee, VIVA Open Publishing Offers awards grants of $50,000-$100,000 to multi-institutional, VIVA-assembled teams to address a gap in OER in an area that is of high-need in the state of Virginia. These teams are made up of faculty, librarians, and a publishing team that works to produce high-quality OER with the potential for wide-adoption. Support for outreach and adoption in the form of adopt grants is provided once the VIVA Open Publishing Project is complete. Interested applicants should apply for the VIVA Open Course Content Creation Grants. 

VIVA's first Open Publishing project was Community Health Nursing: A Call to Action. Written in the summer of 2022, it will be available for adoption beginning in spring 2023.