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VIVA: VIVA Open Publishing Grants

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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VIVA Open Rapid Publishing Program

The VIVA Open Rapid Publishing Program provides infrastructure and support for the creation of OER which fill a gap in an area of high need for Virginia higher education. The program aims to fill these OER gaps on an accelerated timeline, with resources completed in approximately 1 year. 

Once a need has been identified, VIVA works to assemble a multi-institutional team composed of faculty, librarians, and key contributors (e.g. instructional designers) to create the resource on an accelerated timeline. Resources should be finalized and ready for adoption approximately 1 year after the team is assembled. VIVA provides infrastructure for rapid authorship, publishing support, and outreach and adopt grants for completed projects.


Anyone from the Virginia higher education community is welcome to submit a topic for consideration by VIVA's Open and Affordable Course Content Committee and VIVA Grant Review Committee using the following form: 

VIVA also welcomes interest from assembled teams with clear projects that meet the guidelines of the grant. These projects should apply for a VIVA Open Course Grant, content creation category, and indicate interest in also being considered for the VIVA Open Rapid Publishing Program. 

VIVA Support

VIVA can provide both infrastructure and financial support for projects in the VIVA Open Rapid Publishing Program. 

Financial Support

Projects in the VIVA Open Rapid Publishing Program are eligible for an award of $50,000-$100,000 to support their efforts. Budget items can include: 

  • Funding for publishing sprints (e.g. travel and accommodations, food for participants)
  • Compensation for project team members
  • Adopt grants for the finished project

Publishing support is coordinated by VIVA. Funding for publishing will be calculated by VIVA staff and may be included in the project budget.


VIVA can assist in creating and sharing OER created through the VIVA Open Rapid Publishing Program. Support can include: 

  • Facilitation of writing sprints by VIVA Staff
  • Providing platforms for sharing the work (e.g. Pressbooks, VIVA Open, VIVA repository)
Publishing Support

VIVA will provide publishing support for all VIVA Open Rapid Publishing projects. While needs may vary project to project, publishing support can include: 

  • Peer review
  • Copyediting
  • Graphic Design
  • Layout
  • Accessibility remediation
  • Print-on-demand


VIVA will serve as a publisher for projects which are a part of the VIVA Open Rapid Publishing Program. These projects are expected to be completed on an accelerated timeline and undergo publishing services as outlined by VIVA. More specifically, projects will be expected to complete the following activities:

  • Completion of projects in approximately 1 year from the time the team is assembled. 
    • Projects will be authored, have undergone peer review and in-classroom testing, and the publishing process during this timeframe. Authorship is expected to be rapid.
  • Licensed the OER under a Creative Commons License and be made accessible to the public through the VIVA shared repository platform
    • Content created is owned by the creator, but VIVA requires permission to host the content in perpetuity
  • Share course syllabi of team members using the resource via the VIVA Open Syllabus Bank.
    • Syllabi should be submitted to VIVA Staff for uploading. Identifying information may be redacted. 
  • Accessibility review. Provided by VIVA as a part of the publishing process. 
  • Track copyright status of all incorporated material, including text, images, video and music/sound files
  • Participation as needed in VIVA-related communications, including regular updates with the VIVA team during the authorship period and post-project surveys

Previous Projects

2022: Community Health Nursing: A Call to Action

2023: Early Childhood Social and Emotional Development and Learning Open Educational Resource Textbook*


*indicates projects which are also recipients of a VIVA Open Course Grant