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VIVA: Open Textbook Network Coordinating Committee

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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Open Textbook Network Coordinating Committee


The Open Textbook Network Coordinating Committee supports the VIVA OTN Program by identifying challenges and opportunities within the program, encouraging collaboration among campus and system leaders, and identifying specific opportunities for further development of the OTN program in Virginia.


This committee is tasked with regularly communicating opportunities with OTN leaders across the state and answering programmatic questions. This includes identifying and organizing training and educational opportunities (both virtual and in-person), noting collaboration and leadership opportunities, responding to assessment and outreach questions, and providing relevant open resource topics of interest to VIVA OTN leaders via the listserv. This committee serves as a liaison between OACCC and the VIVA OTN Leaders, and regularly updates OACCC on the state of the VIVA OTN program, including what if any support needs the program has. This committee may tap other System Leaders, outside of the Coordinating Committee, as needed for training/support needs within Virginia.


Coordinating Committee Members

Mary Hanlin
Thomas Nelson Community College
(term through 12/31/2022)

Hillary Miller
Virginia Commonwealth University
(term through 12/31/2020)

Anita Walz 
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
(term through 12/31/2020)