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VIVA: Wiley Agreement FAQ

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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VIVA Wiley Agreement 2022-2024 FAQ


  • Will the funds cover all publishing for participating institutions?
    No, the funds are not expected to cover all publishing, at least in the first two years of the agreement. VIVA will ensure, however, that all accepted submissions to Wiley fully gold open access journals are funded. The remaining funds will be used to cover hybrid articles on a first come/first served basis. It is estimated that this funding will run out around September 2022 in the first year of the agreement. Each subsequent year of the agreement has increasing amounts of available funding.

  • Who can use the VIVA OA Wiley funds?
    Any researcher at participating VIVA institutions (detailed below) may use these funds, regardless of rank, for original research or review articles when they are the corresponding author for the article. Professors, adjunct faculty, lecturers, and graduate students are all eligible.
  • What are the participating institutions?
    The participating institutions are all 39 public institutions listed on this page as well as Bridgewater College, Christendom College, Divine Mercy University, Eastern Mennonite University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Ferrum College, Hampton University, Liberty University, Mary Baldwin University, Randolph-Macon College, Regent University, Shenandoah University, Southern Virginia University, Sweet Briar College, University of Lynchburg, University of Richmond, and Virginia Wesleyan University. (Gold OA Account codes for individual institutions are available here.)
  • Do these funds cover hybrid journal articles?
    Yes, new to this agreement, these funds are to be used for either Wiley fully gold open access journals or as individual articles in Wiley's extensive list of subscription journals. (Hybrid journals accept articles through a subscription model as well as offering an Open Access publication option.)
  • May I use these funds if I have grant funding for my research?
    No, if grant funds can be used to cover publication costs, we ask that you use these in lieu of requesting VIVA funds for your publication. By contributing grant funds, Virginia authors demonstrate their commitment to making their research broadly available. They also expand the funds available for Virginia authors who do not have grant funding to support publishing their research in open access journals.
  • Is there a limit on the funds my institution can use?
    Funding is distributed on a first come first serve basis. There is currently no limit on the number of researchers or amount that may be spent from a given institution or by a given researcher.
  • What does the workflow look like for authors? 
    For Fully Gold journals, funds are allocated at the time of manuscript submission; please refer to this handout.  Manuscripts must be submitted for publication consideration January 1, 2022 or after to qualify for the funding.  For hybrid Open Access articles, funds are allocated at the time of publication; please refer to this handout.  Manuscripts must be accepted for publication after January 1, 2022 to qualify.
  • Does my institution approve this funding?
    VIVA centrally approves all requests but confirms each transaction to ensure individuals are associated with an institution. 
  • How can my institution/library see how many researchers are using this funding?
    VIVA Central will provide monthly reporting once the plan starts in January 2022, and on-demand requests may be sent at any time. Please email with any questions. 
  • Will the funds cover recently graduated students who conducted their article research while at a VIVA institution?
    VIVA will approve requests where the corresponding author is a student who graduated within the last two years and has at least one valid co-author with a current affiliation with a VIVA institution.