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VIVA: Open Access Advisory Group

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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Open Access Advisory Group


In 2021, VIVA's Open Access Task Force developed Umbrella Values for the consortium to apply when considering statewide OA models as well as specific expectations and goals for VIVA OA deals.  The Open Access Advisory Group intends to carry this foundational work forward, evaluating and advising on OA needs and opportunities for the VIVA consortium.


This community of experts will evaluate and advise on Open Access needs and opportunities, broadly defined, for the VIVA consortium and its members.  This role includes responding to strategic requests, evaluating specific offers, and making proactive suggestions to the VIVA Office and the Collections Committee.  This group will operate within the Umbrella Values defined by the Open Access Task Force: Equity, Sustainability, Transparency, Openness to Experimentation, and Supporting a Wide Variety of Open Models.

The Open Access Advisory Group consists of no more than 15 people and includes members from any VIVA member library.  If there seem to be gaps for representation for certain VIVA institution types, the VIVA Office may make specific requests to the membership to ensure diversity of voices.  Membership composition should reflect expertise in a broad range of areas related to Open Access, including collection development and management, scholarly publishing and communication, and various formats.  Members must have the approval of their supervisor to participate and are expected to submit a brief statement of interest and relevant knowledge and experience, as well as make a commitment to contribute for a period of at least one year. 

Members will be selected by the Chair of the Collections Committee. They are expected to actively participate in meetings, including an annual planning meeting.  The success of this group depends on the contribution of expertise from knowledgeable members of the VIVA community, and it is envisioned as a place to grow community understanding of and consensus on these issues. 

The VIVA Office or Collections Committee will call focused meetings to address specific offers from publishers and vendors as well as broad, foundational questions about optimizing a statewide approach to Open Access.  The Open Access Advisory Committee will also have an annual planning meeting to determine shared priorities.  An email listserv will provide an additional method of communication.  As this group will see Open Access offers in the early stages of development, VIVA requires confidentiality of the terms, just as it does for the Collections Committee.  



Advisory Group Members

Kevin Butterfield
University of Richmond

Julie Griffin
Virginia Tech

Liz Kocevar-Weidinger
Virginia Military Institute

Rosie Liljenquist
William & Mary

Helen McManus
George Mason University

Hillary Miller
Virginia Commonwealth University

Crystal Newell
Piedmont Virginia Community College

Yasmeen Shorish
James Madison University

Karen Vaughn
Old Dominion University

Genya O'Gara

Summer Durrant

Stephanie Westcott