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VIVA: Open Access TF

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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Open Access Task Force


Libraries have a strong desire to support the growth of Open Access publishing, as it enables more equitable access to scholarship both for their users and across the world. Finding sustainable Open Access funding methods and approaches, however, has faced distinct challenges. APC models, for example, can be punitive for small publishers and create hurdles for unfunded scholars, causing problems with bibliodiversity. APCs often operate as hidden, escalating costs, and there is a lack of transparency between the cost of APCs and the actual cost of publication.

Moving away from APC models also presents challenges. Some smaller scholarly societies have developed lower cost options for non-APC Open Access models, but as they require additional funds that were formerly provided through research funders or academic departments, it is difficult to scale these models effectively within library budgets.

The hope is that greater success and market influence can be achieved through acting together as a group. By leveraging the buying power and research contributions of the consortium, VIVA should be better able to create sustainable models for Open Access that work for authors, publishers, readers, and libraries.


This task force is charged with developing and proposing a strategic direction for Open Access funding for the consortium, beginning with journals but also looking at Open Access monographs and databases. This includes having conversations with large and small publishers to collaboratively develop sustainable models for consortial Open Access support. Following the refinement of strategic direction for the consortium in this area, the task force should propose an approach for dedicating consortial or shared funds to Open Access support.


Task Force Members

Ellen Catz Ramsey (Chair)
University of Virginia

Beth Blanton-Kent
University of Virginia

Kevin Butterfield
University of Richmond

Ed Lener
Virginia Tech

Helen McManus
George Mason University

Crystal Newell
Piedmont Virginia Community College

Pongrácz Sennyey
James Madison University

Karen Vaughan
Old Dominion University

Genya O'Gara

Anne Osterman