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VIVA: Randolph-Macon College Featured Member Library

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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VIVA Featured Member Library: Randolph-Macon College

An interview with Nancy Falciani-White, Library Director, on September 5, 2017

Randolph-Macon College

What are three points of pride in your library?

  • As a new director I have been impressed by, and grateful for, the enthusiasm, flexibility, and creativity that library staff bring to the table when working together to meet library goals. This attitude has enabled the library to accomplish ambitious things while continuing to provide high quality service to our faculty, students, and staff, despite occasional challenges. That said, we couldn’t provide the service that we provide without our student employees, who make the space feel more welcoming through the creative and fun approaches they take to their responsibilities.
  • The breadth and depth of resources we provide our users, given our budget (thanks to VIVA!).
  • The extent to which the college community values and supports the library.

What is the most popular spot in the library for users?

  • Our users gravitate to two newer areas on the main level of the library: booths that were installed last December near windows and power, and powered tables that are located near our DVD collection in a low-traffic part of the main level. Also popular are our study rooms, most of which are located on the second level.

Which VIVA resource or service do we value the most, and why?

  • VIVA enables us to provide our students and faculty with infinitely more than we would otherwise be able to, so in a way all are valued. However, the Ebsco databases are highly used and vital for our undergraduate students, and R-MC just began participating in the Cooperative Borrowing Program, which our faculty are very excited about.