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VIVA: Grant Awards, Spring 2023

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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VIVA Open Course Grants, Spring 2023 Awards


Principles of Curriculum and Instructional Design
Total Award: $15,000
Instructor:Holly Robbins
Course:EDU303: Basic Instructional Design and Assessment
Institution:Radford University
Resource to Be Created: Principles of Curriculum and Instruction Designs
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance:$86,475
Students Affected Per Year: 155


Open Textbook, Problem Bank, and Assessment Environment for Mechanics of Materials
Total Award: $49,750
Instructor: Jacob Grohs, James Lord, Anita Walz,
Course:ESM 2204 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
Institution:Virginia Tech
Resource to Be Created:Mechanics of Deformable Bodies (text, question bank, assessments)
Collaborating Institutions:Northern Virginia Community College, George Mason University, Brightpoint Community College, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Virginia, Southwest Community College, Mountain Empire Community College, Virgnia Highlands Community College
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance:$266,102
Students Affected Per Year:670


Key Themes and Applications in Psychology OER
Total Award: $25,085
Instructor: Alison Melley
Course:PSYC 100: Basic Concepts in Psychology
Institution: George Mason University
Collaborating Institutions: Virginia Commonwealth University
Resource to Be Created:An open, interactive introduction to psychology
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance: $710,000
Students Affected Per Year:1420


Updating the Fundamentals of Business Test Bank: A Sprint
Total Award:$9,930
Instructor:Ron Poff
Course:MGT 1104 - Foundations of Business
Institution: Virginia Tech
Resource to Be Created:Updated Test Bank to accompany the Fundamentals of Business, 4th Edition
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance: $910,000
Students Affected Per Year:1,820


Developmental Psychology: A Topical Approach
Total Award:$16,962
Instructor:Krisztina Jakobsen
Institution:James Madison University
Course:PSYC 365:Developmental Psychology
Resource to Be Created:a topically organized developmental psychology text
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance:$209,143
Students Affected Per Year:266


Early Childhood Social and Emotional Development and Learning Open Educational Resource Textbook
Total Award:$43,012
Instructor:Christine Schull
Course:CHD 205 Guiding Behavior of Young Children
Institution:Northern Virginia Community College
Resource to Be Created: Early Childhood Social and Emotional Development text
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance:$366,764
Students Affected Per Year:460


Breaking Down Barriers: Open Source and Evidence-Based Pedagogy in a REsearch Methods Course
Total Award:$18,149
Instructor:Melanie Shoup-Knox
Course:PSYC 211: Research Methods
Institution:James Madison University
Resource to Be Created:Large Scale Adoption of four texts, including Research Methods in Psychology
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance:$105,822
Students Affected Per Year:120


ISAT 100: Environmental and Energy Sustainability Ancillary Materials
Total Award:$5,000
Instructor:Jared Stoltzfus
Course:ISAT 100: Environmental and Energy Sustainability
Institution:James Madison University
Resource to Be Created:Question Banks for three texts, including Introduction to Ecology
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance:$86,250
Students Affected Per Year:150


Exploring Quantitative Analysis with Excel
Total Award:$25,380
Instructor:La Toria Tookes
Course:CSCI 106: Exploring Quantitative Analysis
Institution:Randolph-Macon College
Resource to Be Created:Introduction to Computer Science
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance:$57,500
Students Affected Per Year:115