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VIVA: Grant Awards, Spring 2022

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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VIVA Open Course Grants, Spring 2022 Awards

The spring 2022 grants totaled $127,145 in awards to projects doing work at nine institutions throughout the state in six different disciplines. The awarded projects will create more than $1.4 million in cost avoidance over the next five years and impact as many as 15,000 students. Those students will be found in nine different institutions across Virginia, from classes in required, introductory classrooms to medical school campuses.


Creating Audiovisual Material for Medical Spanish Education: Realistic Clinical Encounters with Spanish-Speaking Patients
Total Award: $30,000
Instructor: Dr. Diana Galarreta-Aima
Institution: James Madison University
Collaborating Institutions: University of Virginia, William & Mary, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Resource to Be Created: Spanish for Medical Professionals
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance:$165,416
Students Affected Per Year: 496


Adapting OER for Introduction to Anthropology
Total Award: $8,000
Instructor: Dr. Matthew Pawlowicz
Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University
Resource to Be Created:Introduction to Anthropology
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance:$372,800
Students Affected Per Year: 932


Literature in Context: Reducing Cost Barriers for the Decolonial Survey
Total Award: $24,500
Instructor:  Dr. Tonya Howe
Institution:  Marymount University
Collaborating Institutions: University of Virginia
Resource to Be Created:(1) A Decolonial Eighteenth Century (2) Literature of the British Isles
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance: $49,200
Students Affected Per Year: 84


Adapting OERs and Creating Course Materials for the History of Art
Total Award: $23,110
Instructor: Professor Paula Winn
Institution: Brightpoint Community College
Collaborating Institutions: Northern Virginia Community College
Resource to Be Created: History of Art: Prehistoric to Gothic
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance: $524,400
Students Affected Per Year: 1170


Developing Interdisciplinary Engineering, Physics, and Calculus Materials to Improve the First-Year Physical Science and Engineering Student Experience
Total Award: $29,035
Instructor: Mr. Alexander Bohn
Institution: Northern Virginia Community College
Collaborating Institutions: James Madison University
Resource to Be Created: Interdisciplinary, hyperlinked text in engineering, physics and calculus
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance: $184,203
Students Affected Per Year:  311


Open up the Gates: Creating an OER of Equitable, Evidence-Based K12 Practices of Instructional Design and Assessment Total Award: $15,500
Instructor: Dr. Janine Davis
Institution: University of Mary Washington
Resource to Be Created: Instructional Design and Assessment
5 Year Student Cost Avoidance: $121,875
Students Affected During Piloting Semester: 125