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VIVA: Call for Applications: VIVA Curriculum Driven Acquisitions (CDA) Program

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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Call for Applications: VIVA Curriculum Driven Acquisitions (CDA) Program

VIVA is announcing a call for applications for the 2023-2024 VIVA Curriculum Driven (CDA) Acquisitions Program. The program supports e-book purchases of bookstore course content available through the VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal and GOBI for up to seven institutions representing VIVA public institution types (doctoral, 4-year, 2-year). Any e-books purchased through this program will be perpetual access, unlimited usage, and DRM-free or DRM-light. VIVA will support e-book purchases for both the fall 2023 and spring 2024 semesters. All VIVA public institutions are invited to apply, and preference is given to institutions based on student need for financial assistance, as informed by the SCHEV Report “VA Resident Undergraduates with Need, Various Demographic Distributions,” as well as those who have not previously participated in the program.

Please note that collaboration with the bookstore is critical to effective participation and applicants are strongly encouraged to verify that the bookstore is willing to share the adoptions list before applying.


What to expect (workflow and turnaround times):
1.    Send the formatted bookstore list to VIVA at least three weeks before the start of classes. 
2.    VIVA matches the bookstore lists against DRM-free and DRM-light Unlimited User (UU) e-books for purchase and the VIVA shared e-book collections. Approximate turnaround time for processing the lists is a week. 
3.    VIVA returns the matched list to the participating institution to verify against their holdings to eliminate duplication. Requested turnaround time to return verified lists to VIVA is three business days. 
4.    VIVA purchases titles not already held in perpetual access DRM-free/light UU e-book format on behalf of the participating institution. The license is through EBSCO and Cambridge University Press via the Faculty Textbook Portal, VIVA’s shared license to Taylor & Francis that has been extended to GOBI purchases, or local e-book licenses available to individual institutions, but all purchases will be made using VIVA Central Funds.  Access model upgrades may also be possible through select e-suppliers. 
5.    VIVA shares links to the e-books with the liaison librarian assigned to the program as soon as they are available from the vendor. Once the links are shared with the liaison librarian they may be shared directly with faculty, and holdings may be updated in the library catalog based on vendor’s guidelines.

In an effort to assess the success of the program, VIVA requires participating institutions to gather and submit CDA adoptions data to VIVA. Each institution’s liaison is expected to review the spreadsheet with the purchased and shared e-book titles, and gather and submit data points associated with the e-books including instructor’s name, discipline, course name, estimated enrollment, etc. VIVA uses this data to estimate student cost avoidance and evaluate how the program is serving individual disciplines. The data is shared back with participating institutions. Current CDA program results can be found here.


Application process:
Library directors may submit their request for participation through the 2023-2024 VIVA Curriculum Driven Acquisitions (CDA) Program Form by May 26, 2023. Selected institutions will be notified by June 9, 2023. 

Please note that due to the academic monograph content available for library purchase in unlimited user models, the CDA program has demonstrated greater success for institutions that support upper-level undergraduate and graduate level courses. There have been significantly fewer matches of bookstore content for lower level undergraduate courses.