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VIVA: Whole ebook lending ILL borrowing recommendations

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

This guide has variable layouts and houses the majority of the "sub" pages for VIVA's website.

Whole Ebook ILL Borrowing Recommendations

  1. Consider how patrons will access the request form.
    • Most borrowing requests are submitted via a link resolver. 
    • The pre-populated form may not work well and patrons may have problems editing the request form.
  2. Consider the request form to be used by patrons.
    • Use a modified version of the  Article request form to:
      • Eliminate the OCLC issues related to:
        • Due dates: ebooks will not have a due date.
        • Receiving: items do not need to be received as books.
        • Returning: no need to return items.
      • Allow for unmediated ILL borrowing through ILLiad Trusted Sender and other OCLC unmediated ILL features which will improve turnaround time and reduce borrowing staff workload.
      • Give patrons the option to indicate whether an ebook is acceptable.
  3. When submitting the request to lender, use the appropriate OCLC record and indicate whether an electronic copy is acceptable.
  4. Consider how patrons will be notified when the requested item is received.
    • For ILLiad users, make sure the appropriate identifying bibliographic information is sent. This may require editing the ILLiad notification template.
  5. Consider how patrons will received the ebook.  Most libraries use Odyssey or Article Exchange to deliver materials.  Be consistent in your practice for delivering materials electronically to patrons.