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Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

This guide has variable layouts and houses the majority of the "sub" pages for VIVA's website.

MARC Records for the PBS Collection

MARC records were created for the VIVA PBS streaming video collection according to a process recommended by the VIVA streaming video project committee:

  • Using a template for encoding determined in consultation with the VIVA streaming video project committee, JMU derived OCLC episode-level records from records for existing physical formats (see JMU "cheat sheet" document)
  • JMU provided VCU with OCLC numbers of their new records and a spreadsheet with program-related web page addresses
  • VCU exported OCLC rcords to a file and edited them for distribution to VIVA institutions to include VIVA-specific fields as per VIVA project committee recommendations. These files contained "dummy" 856 fields that could be populated with the local institution's address information.
  • On 9/10/14, a new set of records was made available by UVa. The 856 fields in these records contain links directly to the videos hosted at UVa on behalf on VIVA.


In addition to the 856 fields, the following have also been added to the records:

  • 830 field for VIVA streaming video collection
  • 830 field for VIVA PBS streaming video collection
  • 856 fields for program web sites, when available


Files available as of 9/12/14 include (password required to get documents):