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VIVA: COVID-19 Resources

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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COVID-19 Resource Delivery Task Force


The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced unique challenges for academic interlibrary loan (ILL) departments. With an increased demand to support online learning, and the closure of many libraries resulting in telework arrangements for many if not all library staff, ILL departments are quickly adjusting workflows to serve their communities’ needs.

While delivery of physical materials has been suspended within VIVA, ILL departments are concerned about safe handling of physical materials when they return to their offices. There are also challenges in conducting ILL work via telework, such as software access and settings, that ILL staff may benefit from through shared guidance and best practices.  Finally, there are a number of ways of communicating through ILL systems, such as with deflections or institutional settings, that may help convey information about a given department’s service availability and operating status. 


The VIVA COVID-19 Resource Delivery Task Force is charged with determining safe materials handling best practices for VIVA member libraries, sharing best practices for ILL work via telework, and communicating operating and staffing statuses to other institutions during the COVID-19 crisis and in the gradual return to regular work. Since VIVA libraries are diverse in size and staffing, the Task Force will focus on developing recommendations and guidelines that serve the needs of all institution types. In addition, the Task Force will determine best practices for communicating and supporting VIVA members as they transition back to their workplaces.




Task Force Members

Mikki Butcher (Chair)
James Madison University

Jacqueline Carrell
Piedmont Virginia Community College

Katherine McKenzie
William & Mary

Elizabeth Teaff
Washington & Lee University

Sophie Rondeau
Virtual Library of Virginia