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VIVA: Anti-Racism Statement

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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Statement Against Racism and Commitment to Taking Anti-Racist Actions

June 12, 2020

The SCHEV Library Advisory Committee (LAC) and VIVA unequivocally condemn racism and its associated violence and endorse recent statements by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association, Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association, American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries, and SPARC.  We recognize that leveling the academic playing field for Virginia students, central to VIVA’s mission and values, requires addressing the systemic injustices, including racism, that make it harder for them to succeed. 

The SCHEV LAC and the VIVA Steering Committee pledge to identify and take anti-racist actions, including those listed below but with growing scope and depth in the coming months, and ask all academic libraries in the Commonwealth of Virginia to stand against racial bias and prejudice and support those who are subjected to the resulting social injustices.  Real, systemic change in the direction of greater justice and humanity will not happen without a struggle, not without perseverance, and not without a plan to unite with the disadvantaged.  Together, with sincere commitment, we can push forward to do the necessary and hard work required to challenge racism. 

VIVA will:

-Incorporate a focus on minority-owned and led publishers in the upcoming Small Publisher Task Force work.  

-Incorporate the importance of minority representation into calls for nominations for VIVA committees, task forces, and other leadership roles.

-Collect and further promote member institutions’ resources related to anti-racism.