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VIVA: Guide to the VIVA Product Portal

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

This guide has variable layouts and houses the majority of the "sub" pages for VIVA's website.

Basic Guide to the VIVA Product Portal

VIVA has a subscription workflow system, ConsortiaManager ( This system allows member institutions to log in to see their current and past subscriptions, begin/renew/cancel subscriptions, and view vendor and product information. This system also emails invoices to member libraries, and once the invoices are emailed, they can be viewed in the system. Eventually the system will house all licensing information, but that will take some time as the Central Office prepares and loads this data.

Documentation is linked from the left, and some basic instructions are available below.

The default settings are for three users: the Administrator (initially the Library Director, who can add/remove users from the system), Primary Contact (the main collection development user who can take actions on subscriptions), and the Invoicing Contact (the primary billing user). Directors can delegate the role of administrator - they just need to send an email to Each user can set his or her email preferences and other profile information in the system.

Here are the common actions a user would take in the system:

All Users:

Adjusting Profile and Email Settings

-Go to Profile, then View Profile.
-Click the pencil next to your name.
-Adjust your Profile (such as your title or phone number), as needed.
-Adjust your Email Options to what is appropriate for your role.


Adjusting and Adding Users

-Go to Profile, then View Profile.
-All current contacts are in the Active Contacts box.  Clicking the pencil next to any of them will allow editing.  Directors can change who is the Primary Contact and Invoicing Contact, as well as any other email options.
-All other VIVA contacts at the time of the system migration are held in the Inactive Contacts.  Any of these can be clicked on to edit, and their accounts can be made live using the Activate Account button.
-New Contacts can be added through the Add Contacts button.

Primary Contacts:

View All Subscriptions

-Click on Subscriptions in the top bar to view all of your institution’s subscriptions.

Starting/Renewing/Cancelling Subscriptions

-Click on Open Renewals on the Dashboard or Catalogue in the top menu to see any Renewal actions needed.
-Select the checkbox in the Order column for any orders you want to confirm.
-Select the green shopping cart to add the product to the Shopping Basket.
-Click on View Basket to go to Shopping Basket.
-Click the item in the Basket and click Place Order.

-If instead you want to cancel a renewal, click Cancel in Renewals section. (Not all renewals can be cancelled in this way, such as if they are part of multiyear cost share agreements.)

Invoicing Contacts:

The system will email invoices to you when they are ready, but they are also accessible via the system.

Finding Invoices

-In the top menu, go to More and select Invoices.