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VIVA: Video Collection Analysis

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

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VIVA Video Collection Analysis


Many libraries have aging VHS videos in their collections around which there are many issues, including deteriorating tape stock, reduced shelf space, lack of use, etc.  In 2013, VIVA contracted with Sustainable Collection Services to evaluate the video collections of seven VIVA institutions, determine the extent of overlap, and compare local holdings with state and national holdings. The goals of this project included:

  • Identify unique and at-risk titles
  • Identify unique collections
  • Develop a last copy retention plan
  • Determine repository libraries
  • Develop preservation strategies and standards
  • Establish cooperative collection development policies
  • Develop a robust interlibrary lending plan


The group developed a Memorandum of Understanding for unique (no other holdings in the U.S.) and rare (2-9 libraries holding in the U.S.) VHS modeled on the one used for the VIVA Monographic Collection Analysis. This MOU was approved by the Steering Committee in 2015.

Each institution can make a local determination of their retention copies, but the original lists are available here: unique and rare.


Task Force Members

Erika Peterson (Co-Chair)
James Madison University

Leigh A. Rockey (Co-Chair)
University of Virginia

Dr. Kevin Farley
Virginia Commonwealth University

M. Troy Davis
The College of William & Mary

Leslie O'Brien
Virginia Tech

Laura Jenemann
George Mason University

Anne C. Osterman
Virtual Library of Virginia