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VIVA Final Subpages: ILL Subcommittee

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

This guide has variable layouts and houses the majority of the "sub" pages for VIVA's website.

ILL Community Forum Planning Committee

The ILL Community Forum Planning Committee plans and organizes the annual VIVA ILL Community Forum and encourages communication around the state using the VIVAILL-L listserv.

Composition: Approximately 10-12 members, all of whom are volunteers nominated by the directors of VIVA libraries and appointed by the VIVA Resource Sharing Committee (RSC).  The membership of this subcommittee should be representative of the academic libraries in Virginia, both geographically and by type.  Representation should include at least one member from each type of school: public doctoral, public comprehensive, public 2-year, and independent.  Each member will be appointed to serve staggered two year terms, with 5-6 members appointed in even years and 5-6 members appointed in odd years, as determined as the RSC. Members may serve a maximum of 6 consecutive years.  Terms will run from January 1st to December 31st.





Committee Chair

Mikki Butcher
James Madison University
Term expires 12/31/20

Institutional Representatives

Max Bowman
Radford University
Term expires 12/31/19

Sharon Gotkiewicz
Virginia Tech
Term expires 12/31/19

Gabrielle Hallion
Virginia Commonwealth University
Term expires 12/31/19

Christina LaFon
Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Term expires 12/31/19

Stephen Leist
Virginia Wesleyan University
Term expires 12/31/19

Tonya Moore
Virginia Military Institute
Term expires 12/31/19

Lese Taylor
University of Richmond
Term expires 12/31/20

Ex Officio

Genya O'Gara
Virtual Library of Virginia