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VIVA: Initiatives

Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

This guide has variable layouts and houses the majority of the "sub" pages for VIVA's website.


VIVA has a diverse range of programs and initiatives.  Here is a selection of current and recent initiatives.

Formed in May 2018 with the goal of designing a journal pricing model built on VIVA collection development priorities, the core values of the VIVA member libraries, and past assessment work of VIVA, including the Value Metric Project. 

In 2016 and 2017, this task force designed and applied a framework for the coherent and holistic evaluation of VIVA products, determining what the highest collection development priorities were for the consortium and examining how these could be translated into quantifiable values. 

An Open Education Network System Membership allows VIVA to train open education library leaders who hold workshops for faculty across the state to support them in making greater use of openly available educational materials, including textbooks, which are free of cost to students.

Beginning in 2016, VIVA gained whole ebook lending rights with four publishers:  Brill, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley.  A Task Force put these rights into practice with a best practices document.