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VIVA Collection Development Principles and Selection Criteria

Statement of Principles

VIVA subscribes to the following key principles:

  1. VIVA seeks to provide students, faculty, staff and on site clients of all consortium members with convenient access to the information resources needed to support institutional missions, including learning, research, extension services and other evolving programmatic initiatives.
  2. VIVA procures materials for all publicly supported institutions of higher education in Virginia and provides the opportunity for private colleges and universities in the Commonwealth to purchase or subscribe to VIVA resources.
  3. VIVA supports equal access to information resources for all VIVA institutions: universities, comprehensives and community colleges.
  4. VIVA aims to facilitate the cost effective acquisition, distribution and use of electronic information resources which lend themselves to shared access and to facilitate more effective sharing of locally based resources.
  5. Information resources appearing in a variety of formats will need to be physically available locally for the indefinite future.
  6. Subject to Steering Committee approval, VIVA procures resources collectively with VIVA funds as well as enabling individual institutions to acquire resources with local or pooled funds. Resources consist of either totally new items or enhanced versions of existing print resources.
  7. The VIVA collection is an evolving one that is subject to periodic review and change.
  8. VIVA aims to maintain an archive of highly utilized, core general interest and discipline specific resources. Thus it purchases, rather than leases, some resources so that they will be available permanently.
  9. VIVA endorses the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) Statement of Current Perspective and Preferred Practices for the Selection and Purchase of Electronic Information adopted March 1998 and Guidelines for Statistical Measures of Usage of Web-based Indexed, Abstracted, and Full Text Resources.


Selection Objectives

Consistent with the above principles, VIVA seeks to procure and make available information resources meeting the following objectives:


Selection Criteria

The Collections Committee applies the following criteria, among others, when selecting electronic resources:


Approved by Resources for Users Committee 1/15/1999


VIVA is funded by the Virginia General Assembly and the VIVA member institutions, and is sponsored by the State Council of Higher Education (SCHEV).