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VIVA Collections Contact:  Edward Lener (Nature)

VIVA Collections Contact:  Anna Creech (Springer)


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Contact Information

Customer Service

Nature Journals: Gareth Evans
 (888) 331-6288
Springer E-Book Packages: Springer Nature Online
 (800) 777-4643 x612

Technical Support

Nature Journals: Alan Roseman
 (646) 209-9582
Springer E-Book Packages: Alan Roseman
 (646) 209-9582

Sales Rep

Nature Journals:Alan Roseman
 (646) 209-9582
Springer E-Book Packages:Alan Roseman
 (646) 209-9582

Product Information

Nature Archives (Nature-A)


Product Notes: One time purchase, holdings start in 1950.

Product News from Vendor:


Contract Notes: 

Contract Renewal Date: N/A

Cancellation Deadline: N/A

Support URL:

Training URL: 

Public Fund Source: Not Applicable   Note: Purchase is complete.

Private Fund Source: Not Applicable   Note: 

Nature Journals (Nature)


Product Notes: 

Product News from Vendor:


Contract Notes: Sole source; effective September 1, 2007, VIVA will only subscribe to the journal Nature.

Contract Renewal Date: August 31

Cancellation Deadline: May 1

Support URL:

Training URL: 

Public Fund Source: Central   Note: Publics share journal Nature, other titles billed directly by vendor to institution.

Private Fund Source: Opt-In   Note: Institutions can opt in for journal Nature.

Springer E-Book Packages (SPEBK)


Product Notes: The VIVA-wide packages are the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 packages for Behavioral Science and Biomedical and Life Science; the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 packages for Computer Science (including the Lecture Notes in Computer Science), and the 2013 and 2014 packages for Earth and Environmental Science. Complimentary archival rights were also given to the 2005 collections in these four subject areas. Title lists can be retrieved from; it is recomme

Product News from Vendor:


Contract Notes: Sole source

Contract Renewal Date: 12/31

Cancellation Deadline: September 1

Support URL:

Training URL:

Public Fund Source: Central + Opt-In   Note: Publics share two 2018 packages, can opt in for additional subject packages.

Private Fund Source: Pooled + Opt-In   Note: Pooled fund institutions share one 2018 package, can opt in for additional subject packages.



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