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Please note that the following title lists are provided for the convenience of VIVA members and staff and reflect only VIVA's subscription access as of the date of posting. Vendors can and do change their title lists throughout the year.

Links to current title lists on the vendor websites can be found at the VIVA Vendors and Products page.


Resource Count based on WorldCat Knowledge Base Collections (as of 1/6/17)

Alexander Street Press

American History in Video Title List

American Chemical Society

American Chemical Society Current Titles 2013 (posted 10/14/2013)
American Chemical Society Archive Titles 2013 (posted 10/14/2013)
American Chemical Society Titles 2010
American Chemical Society Titles 2009
American Chemical Society Titles 2007
American Chemical Society Titles 2005

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews Titles (as of 2/18/2013)

Associated Press Archives

Academic Press IDEAL Titles Available Via ECO (as of 1/2/2003)

Association for Computing Machinery

ACM Digital Library (as of 10/14/2013)


BioOne.1 Titles 2018 BioOne.2 Titles 2018 (as of 2/12/2018)
BioOne.1 Titles 2014 (as of 10/22/2013)
BioOne.1 Titles 2011 (as of 3/8/2011)
BioOne.1 Titles 2009
BioOne.2 Titles 2009


Brill Ebooks 2016 (as of 12/22/17)

Cambridge University Press

CUP Journals 2007
CUP Journals 2004

Chadwyck-Healy Poetry Collections


Duke University Press

Duke University Press Perpetual Access Journals

Ebook Library (EBL)

EBL DDA Purchased Title List (9/12/2014)


EBSCO Title Lists (on the EBSCO website)
EBSCO Full Text Titles (as of 5/27/2009)
EBSCO Full Text and A&I Titles (as of 5/27/2009)
EBSCOhost Collection Databases (as of 7/21/2008)


Elsevier 2014 Frontlist Titles (not including the French, German, or Spanish medical/health sciences collections)
Elsevier 2013 Backlist Titles (VIVA purchased this title list in 2013 before Elsevier acquired Woodhead and Chandos; VIVA's list does not include the French or German titles or the Plastics Engineering Hanser 2013 collection)

Gale Cengage Learning

GVRL Titles (added to VIVA's holdings in 2008, title list posted 4/10/14)
Academic OneFile - Titles added for July & August 2007 (posted 9/17/2007); no longer a VIVA product


IEEE Title Lists (publics share the IEEE/IET Electronic Library, or IEL)

Institute of Physics

Institute of Physics Current and Archival Journals (as of 11/16/15)
Institute of Physics eBooks
(as of 8/26/16)

Johns Hopkins University Press

Project Muse Journal and Book Titles (on the Project Muse website)
Project Muse Titles 2006

Nature Publishing Group

Effective September 1, 2007, VIVA only subscribes to the journal Nature.
Nature Journals for 2006


LWW Perpetual Access Titles for the public institutions (posted 9/3/15)
LWW Perpetual Access Titles for the private institutions that subscribed to Ovid Nursing Full Text Plus (posted 11/4/15)
LWW Perpetual Access Titles for the private institutions that subscribed to LWW Total Access (posted 11/4/15)
LWW Perpetual Access Titles for the private institutions that subscribed to LWW Nursing and Health Professions Premier (posted 11/4/15)

Oxford University Press

Oxford Scholarship Online: EBook Titles (as of 5/31/2018)

Oxford Reference Online: Quick Reference Titles (as of 1/5/16)
Oxford Reference Online: Grandfathered Titles from ORO Premium 2013

Oxford University Press 2018 Journal Titles (posted 3/1/2018)
Oxford University Press 2017 Journal Titles (posted 2/15/2017)
Oxford University Press 2016 Journal Titles (posted 2/4/2016)
Oxford University Press 2015 Journal Titles (posted 1/5/2015)
Oxford University Press 2014 Journal Titles (posted 1/18/2014)
Oxford University Press 2013 Journal Titles (posted 10/22/2013)
Oxford University Press 2012 Journal Titles (as of 8/11/2011)
Oxford University Press 2011 Journal Titles
(posted 12/14/2010)
Oxford University Press 2010 Journal Titles
(archived 12/14/2010)
Oxford University Press 2009 Journal Titles
(archived 1/14/2010)
Oxford University Press 2008 Journal Titles
(posted 10/4/2007)
Oxford University Press 2007 Journal Titles (posted 2/8/2007)


ProQuest SciTech Collection (as of 2/1/16 replaced the CCSC), includes Ebrary Academic: Science & Technology e-book collection
Complete Cambridge Science Collection, 2014 renewal (as of 10/22/2013), includes Ebrary Physical Sciences e-book collection (1/9/2014)
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) databases on the new ProQuest platform (1/20/2011)
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) databases (as of 12/10/2007)
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) databases (as of 11/10/2005)

Factiva Titles 2013
Factiva Titles Blocked for VIVA Members (posted 1/25/2005)

Safari Tech Books (as of 3/28/17)

Public Broadcasting Service

PBS Videos (posted 6/13/2007)


Springer E-book Titles (as of 9/17/2014)

Taylor & Francis

Titles added to ENGnetBase (01/13/2011)
Titles removed from ENGnetBase (01/13/2011)
ENGnetBASE Titles moved to Woodhead Publishing (11/4/2010)
ENGnetBASE Titles (as of 02/09/2007)


Wiley Database Model 2018 Title List (as of 10/5/17)
Wiley Database Model 2017 Title List (as of 9/19/16)
Wiley Database Model 2016 Title List (as of 12/11/15)
Wiley Perpetual Access Removed Titles Shared by VIVA (as of 5/15/16)



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