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MARC Records for the PBS Collection

MARC records were created for the VIVA PBS streaming video collection according to a process recommended by the VIVA streaming video project committee:


In addition to the 856 fields, the following have also been added to the records:


Files available as of 9/12/14 include:

  1. File of 498 MARC episode-level records in .mrc format (for loading in local catalogs)
  2. File of 498 MARC episode-level records in .mrc UTF-8 format
  3. File of 498 episode-level records in .mrk format for viewing/manipulating with MarcEdit or other text editing program
    For example, individual libraries may want to:
    - modify/remove 035 field with OCLC number
    - change 049 code to institution's own code
    - modify/delete 856 fields for local hosting of videos, if appropriate
  4. JMU "cheat sheet" document
  5. Text file of OCLC record numbers that can be used to add institutional holding symbols in OCLC through a batch process.



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