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VIVA Funding Strengthened for 2004-06 Biennium

The Virtual Library of Virginia

For Immediate Release (July 27, 2004):

VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia, is pleased to announce that the Commonwealth of Virginia has substantially increased funding for VIVA in the 2004-06 biennium The new funding greatly strengthens every nonprofit higher education institution in the Commonwealth by improving access to crucial scholarly research literature and educational resources. The expansion of library collections provided by VIVA funding will support new degree programs, larger enrollments, and growth in the higher education research enterprise expected throughout Virginia in the coming biennium.

The new budget allocation increases the Commonwealth’s funding of VIVA by 26%, adding a total of $2.1 million dollars over the biennium. Including additional grant funds and funding from participating institutions, total VIVA financial resources will amount to $13.4 million over the 2004-06 biennium. State funding for 2004-06 amounts to 78% of the overall budget, and VIVA consistently has shown outstanding value for the State’s investment: less than 4% of its funding goes to administrative costs, with more than 96% devoted to providing library materials to the VIVA membership. VIVA has documented over $125 million in cost avoidance for Virginia institutions by leveraging the State’s investment in contracts for library materials and services on behalf of all nonprofit institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth.

VIVA will invest new funding in three main areas. First, VIVA will acquire new journals and databases that are in high demand at institutions throughout the State. The new acquisitions will continue VIVA’s highly successful efforts to leverage its resources and obtain substantial cost savings . In addition, VIVA will invest its funds strategically. By including pricing history in its decisions, VIVA will advance higher education in Virginia by ensuring its contracts reduce future costs associated with the spiraling increases in publications from commercial publishers.

Consistent with its strategic focus, VIVA has announced that its first purchase with new funding is BioOne™, a unique collection of full-text, peer-reviewed bioscience research journals. The sixty-nine high-impact journals in BioOne™ are published by non-commercial publishers and small societies representing a wide variety of related fields in biology, ecology and environmental science. By entering into this subscription on behalf of higher education in Virginia, the VIVA membership demonstrates its strong support for cost-effective alternatives to commercial scientific publishing. The American Institute of Biological Sciences, SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), the University of Kansas, Greater Western Library Alliance, and Allen Press, Inc. collaborated in producing BioOne™ specifically to encourage publication in non-commercial venues as an alternative to increasingly more costly commercial publishers.

Second, new funding for VIVA will help the Commonwealth’s private, nonprofit institutions and the public institutions work together more effectively to better meet the educational needs of all Virginians. Beginning in 2004-05, VIVA will provide private, independent institutions with partial reimbursement for delivery and transportation costs associated with supplying books and journals to other VIVA members. Over 25% of all interlibrary loan requests among educational institutions in Virginia are met by private, independent institutions. These institutions previously have borne the full delivery and transportation costs for supplying library materials to other VIVA members, while public institutions have received a subsidy to assist with these costs. The new partial subsidy for private nonprofit institutions will expand access to the outstanding collection of more than 23 million print volumes held in VIVA academic libraries throughout the Commonwealth.

Third, new VIVA funding will allow VIVA to sustain access to the outstanding array of digital journals already provided to institutions throughout Virginia by VIVA. VIVA provides extraordinary value for every dollar it invests by negotiating the very best contracts for access to digital scholarly journals and databases. Nevertheless, costs for these materials, especially scholarly scientific research journals, continue to experience steep increase far above the Consumer Price Index. Since 1992 alone, the costs for scholarly journals in biology have increased 191 percent, chemistry 131 percent, and medicine 196 percent. VIVA’s new focus on non-commercial publishers is one way in which VIVA is working to reduce current and future costs for the highest quality library materials.

VIVA, The Virtual Library of Virginia, is the consortium of the libraries of the 39 state-assisted colleges and universities at 52 campuses within the Commonwealth of Virginia. In addition, 30 independent private, non-profit institutions and The Library of Virginia participate where possible. VIVA’s mission is to provide, in an equitable, cooperative, and cost-effective manner, enhanced access to library and information resources for Virginia’s academic libraries serving the higher education community. The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) sponsors VIVA, with support from the General Assembly and the local institutions.

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VIVA Director
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VIVA is funded by the Virginia General Assembly and the VIVA member institutions, and is sponsored by the State Council of Higher Education (SCHEV).