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VIVA, The Virtual Library of Virginia, wins Governor's Technology Gold Award for Government Services in Higher Education

Governor's Technology Gold Award

October 1, 2003

VIVA (the Virtual Library of Virginia) has received the Governor's Technology Gold Award for Government Service in Higher Education for 2003, awarded at the Commonwealth of Virginia Information Technology Symposium (COVITS) on September 22, 2003. The award recognizes VIVA’s extraordinary value and contributions to higher education in Virginia, and salutes the importance of library resources for teaching, learning, and research throughout the Commonwealth.

"In our opinion, VIVA represents the single most important technological development in Virginia higher education in the past decade; moreover, we believe that VIVA is one of the most significant developments of any kind in Virginia government over this period. We are convinced that recognition of VIVA -- for its innovation, its results and its efficiency -- is not only long overdue, but also very appropriate at this time, as it enters its tenth year of existence having recently surpassed $100M in cost avoidance for the Commonwealth...," said Carl Kelley, Chair of the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia.

"This award is a powerful affirmation of the work that VIVA does to support higher education in Virginia, and a wonderful recognition to start off VIVA's tenth year of operation," said Ralph Alberico, Chair of the VIVA Steering Committee and Dean of Libraries at James Madison University, after accepting the award at the COVITS conference. "It was a great honor to accept the Governor's Technology Award on behalf of the many people who contribute to VIVA's success. I am convinced that VIVA's record of success in leveling the playing field for institutions across the Commonwealth will be expanded and sustained for many more years."

The award nomination highlights the unique benefits of the VIVA project to Virginia. By pooling resources and cooperatively purchasing Web-based scholarly journals and databases, VIVA leverages taxpayer investments to realize a $5 return in value to Virginia for every dollar it expends. The payoff is significant. Since 1994, VIVA libraries have avoided over $103 million in costs that they otherwise would have to expend to obtain the same materials. VIVA also has created a strong policy and technology foundation for sharing library materials among libraries in Virginia. This work has led to a 55% increase in interlibrary lending of books among VIVA members since 1996, and the number of journal articles shared among VIVA members would have cost nearly $900,000 in 2002-03 to acquire without VIVA's sharing network.

VIVA, The Virtual Library of Virginia, is the consortium of the libraries of the 39 state-assisted colleges and universities at 52 campuses within the Commonwealth of Virginia. In addition, 30 independent private, non-profit institutions and The Library of Virginia participate where possible. VIVA's mission is to provide, in an equitable, cooperative, and cost-effective manner, enhanced access to library and information resources for Virginia's academic libraries serving the higher education community. VIVA is sponsored by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV), with support from the General Assembly and the local institutions. At its most recent meeting at James Madison University on September 17, SCHEV recommended additional VIVA funding of $4.0 million for 2004-06. VIVA received approximately $8.1 million in state funding for 2002-04.



VIVA is funded by the Virginia General Assembly and the VIVA member institutions, and is sponsored by the State Council of Higher Education (SCHEV).