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VIVA provides access to the PBS Streaming Video Library Collection

The Virtual Library of Virginia

For Immediate Release (September 15, 2008)

VIVA is proud and excited to announce access to a comprehensive collection of outstanding video programming from the Public Broadcasting Service. In preparation for the fall 2008 semester, many VIVA institutions have implemented access to over 500 hours of streaming video content from PBS, including a rich tapestry of video programming from series such as Frontline, NOVA, and the American Experience. The collection contains 311 individual titles in 498 program segments that vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length.

This extraordinary video collection contains nearly all the exemplary educational and cultural programming that distinguish the renowned PBS video library. PBS videos can add a compelling multimedia experience to many course curricula, stimulating student learning through films that:


In addition to stellar video programming, the VIVA PBS video library also demonstrates the strength of VIVA cooperative arrangements and technology foundation. First, VIVA institutions have cooperatively cataloged every episode, providing subject phrases and summaries to help students and faculty find relevant videos addressing a myriad of topics. Second, VIVA is breaking new ground with VIVA services for access to streaming media by students and faculty in higher education. Member libraries may either locally load the PBS videos for streaming to their students and faculty, or they may choose to access the videos through a central server housed at the University of Virginia. To accomplish this, many VIVA members are implementing a powerful Internet-based authentication system (Shibboleth) and have joined the InCommon Federation. The system then allows students and faculty at VIVA university and colleges access to PBS videos from anywhere in the world simply by confirming their affiliation with a participating VIVA institution. This technology framework allows educational institutions with limited resources for loading streaming media on their own campuses to provide their students and faculty with access equal to that of institutions that have more robust information systems capacity.

VIVA is a consortium of the libraries of 73 non-profit research or higher education institutions in Virginia, including 39 state-assisted colleges and universities at 55 campuses within the Commonwealth of Virginia, 33 independent private, non-profit institutions, and The Library of Virginia. VIVA's mission is to provide, in an equitable, cooperative, and cost-effective manner,enhanced access to library and information resources for Virginia's academic libraries serving the non-profit higher education community. VIVA is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia through the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) and by investments from participating institutions.

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