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Statewide Access to Oxford Scholarship Online E-books - Now Available through VIVA

The Virtual Library of Virginia
New for Summer Semester 2015

The Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) now offers Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO), a rapidly-growing collection of e-books from Oxford University Press (OUP).  Online, full text access for the 39 public institutions is already available for over 300 recently-published titles in 20 subject areas, and this number will grow to over 1,000 as new titles are added throughout the year.  It is also possible to identify content and obtain abstracts for the 13,500 books and 95,000 chapters in the OSO database, which includes 17 additional partner presses.  In addition, OSO provides links to reference works, articles, and other publications relevant to topical and other searches.

OSO debuted in 2003, but it offers access to titles from more than a decade earlier.  There has been recent growth in many science disciplines, such as Biology, Neuroscience, and Public Health & Epidemiology, with the strongest collections overall residing in traditional humanities and social science disciplines such as Philosophy, History, Religion, and Political Science. The OSO collection includes classic works by esteemed and well-known authors as well as recent, award-winning titles.

The OSO platform is intuitive but is also replete with help options. The design is logical and visually appealing - a bonus for people browsing for titles in their areas of interest as well as for those seeking specific information for their research. OUP’s reputation in the scholarly world makes this database a natural for scholars who want to examine some of the best and most recent English-language scholarship across disciplines. Librarians will find it a useful tool for introducing students to the breadth and depth of scholarly inquiry in a broad field or targeted subfield.  The platform is robust and sophisticated enough for advanced scholars but also easy to explore for beginners who need help with relevant primary texts or reference articles, all accessible through the Related Links feature.

The functionality of this database is all that librarians and users expect from Oxford University Press:  it offers simple and advanced search options, strong searches that pull the most relevant materials up to the top, and an option for full text searching.  PDF downloads and printer-friendly versions of text are also available.  All pages are optimized for mobile devices, and citations are exportable to citation management programs or shareable via various media.

Oxford Scholarship Online, available at, is primed to be a favorite among a wide range of VIVA students and faculty looking for high-quality research publications in a diversity of subject areas. 

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VIVA is the consortium of the libraries of 72 nonprofit higher education institutions in Virginia, including 39 state-assisted colleges and universities within the Commonwealth of Virginia, 32 independent private, nonprofit institutions, and The Library of Virginia. VIVA's mission is to provide, in an equitable, cooperative, and cost-effective manner, enhanced access to library and information resources for Virginia's academic libraries serving the nonprofit higher education community. VIVA is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia through the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) and by investments from participating institutions.

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