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Gale Business Database Expands Coverage

The Virtual Library of Virginia
For Immediate Release: Fairfax, Virginia 9/20/2001

Business & Company Resource Center Replaces General Business Center/ASAP

VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia is pleased to announce the replacement of Gale’s General Business File ASAP file with the more comprehensive Gale Business & Company Resource Center.

Business and industry research takes many forms; data are linked by the relationship of the company to an industry, a industry to a market segment, or by a host of other factors. While looking for the market capitalization for General Electric (GE/NYSE) a business researcher might also need the other players in the industry sector, an analysis of their financial state or an overview of the industry itself in order to make sound comparisons. A search in the Business and Company Resource Center will help business researchers  answer those questions thanks to content from the Gale family of high quality print products including;

The trade news and business press is still searchable in the database with the stellar subject indexing and full-text resources that made the General Business File ASAP so useful to students.

The corporate relationship between Gale and Thomson Corp. brings more enhancements to the Business & Company Resource Center with more coverage of international companies and additional financial data including:


The Business & Company Resource center, with improved content and linked search results is a significant and improved resource for business students and faculty.

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