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VIVA Libraries acquire access to EBSCOhost Information Services Journals and Databases

The Virtual Library of Virginia

For Immediate Release (September 15, 2008)

VIVA, The Virtual Library of Virginia, is pleased to announce that VIVA has acquired the EBSCOhost electronic journal article and database package for students and faculty at all VIVA institutions. Available immediately at all 39 Virginia public institutions of higher education and to the VIVA private non-profit institutions choosing to subscribe under the advantageous VIVA contract terms, the EBSCOhost package is a comprehensive collection of complete journal articles, reference and data sources, and citation databases for a wide array of disciplines. The new acquisition expands access to a wealth of journal articles and other materials not previously available to VIVA institutions. It also replaces previous arrangements at very significant cost savings for VIVA and individual member libraries, freeing funds that allow VIVA to acquire more much-needed electronic books and journals.

The EBSCOhost collection provides very high-quality journals and other library materials to students and faculty throughout Virginia. It includes the prestigious Harvard Business Review and significant Spanish language content, invaluable for many academic programs ranging from business to language studies, and also important for the growing Hispanic students population in Virginia. Journal articles and other materials are provided through general and subject-specific databases that include:


VIVA is a consortium of the libraries of 73 non-profit research or higher education institutions in Virginia, including 39 state-assisted colleges and universities at 55 campuses within the Commonwealth of Virginia, 33 independent private, non-profit institutions, and The Library of Virginia. VIVA's mission is to provide, in an equitable, cooperative, and cost-effective manner,enhanced access to library and information resources for Virginia's academic libraries serving the non-profit higher education community. VIVA is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia through the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) and by investments from participating institutions.

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VIVA is funded by the Virginia General Assembly and the VIVA member institutions, and is sponsored by the State Council of Higher Education (SCHEV).