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Forum on Access to Electronic Journals from Aggregator Sources, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, January 7, 2000, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Learn how VIVA campuses connect users to full text periodicals from VIVA aggregator services, including Gale Group InfoTrac and Dow Jones Interactive. 

Who Should Attend?:

Reference, Cataloging and Systems personnel at VIVA institutions.

What Should I Bring?:

Examples of web e-journal lists and e-journal cataloging policies; suggestions on how VIVA can help improve access to full text in periodical databases.


9:00     Coffee and sign-in

9:30     Welcome on the behalf of VIVA, Kathy Perry

9:45     Background Issues Re Getting Users to Your Full-Text Aggregator Titles, Eileen Hitchingham, Virginia Tech

10:00    An adapted method at Radford, Doris Hendrickson, Radford University

10:20    Old Dominion University, Ed Summers

10:45     BREAK

11:00    Virginia Commonwealth University; presentation notes, Jimmy Ghaphery and Barbara Anderson

11:20   What's happening elsewhere?, Elaine Day, JMU; Examples from the University of Virginia, Allison Sleeman

11:45 -12:30   Conclusion

  • Share plans and projects re full-text journals
  • Consideration of proposal for central updating and sending of refreshed lists from VIVA vendors
  • Evaluation form

VIVA Examples:

Provided by Old Dominion University, Radford University, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Vendor Title Lists:

Provided by Dow Jones, Gale Group (InfoTrac), Lexis-Nexis, Proquest.

Other Initiatives:

Buddy Web-based Gateway (University of Melbourne), Jake Project (Yale University), Interim Report PCC Standing Committee on Automation (SCA) Task Group on Journals in Aggregator Databases.


Kiehl, Carole E., and Edward H. Summers. "Comprehensive Access to Periodicals: a Database Solution."  Preprint of article forthcoming in the journal Library Collections, Aquisitions, and Technical Services

Britton, William A., et al. "Access to Periodicals Holdings Information: Creating Links Between Databases and the Library  Catalog."  Preprint of article forthcoming in the journal Library Collections, Aquisitions, and Technical Services.  


VIVA Steering Committee, Eileen Hitchingham, Dean of Libraries, Virginia Tech (
Virginia Commonwealth University, John Duke (
VIVA Task Force on Cataloging and Intellectual Access, Elaine Day, chair (

Wrap-up Discussion Notes:

  1. There was agreement that the VIVA central office could get the data on a monthly basis from the vendors and post it (unmassaged or worked over) on the VIVA web for download as a file by whichever sites wanted to do this.

  2. There was interest in having the VIVA central office use VIVA's influence to lobby for the creation of usable formats and content lists (ISSN's, etc.) from vendors.

  3. There was interest in coordinating the downloads at one VIVA site, and having that site do the preliminary processing and posting the processed list so others could get it.

  4. There was interest in contacting "jake" developers to find out what VIVA as a group could do to maximize the value and stability of (a) downloads and (b) links to titles and issues.

  5. There was interest in encouraging VIVA libraries to develop and share utilities for managing journal access, such as the VCU web form for creating MARC records from aggregator data, scripts for processing vendor data, scripts for managing output from various integrated library systems.

  6. Some campuses indicated that they were interested in getting technical assistance.

  7. There was interest in doing a project involving cooperative identification of missing ISSN's to supplement the vendor lists and to prevent the same work being done many times iacross many libraries.

  8. There was interest in monitoring serials cataloging rules and guidelines pending from AACR and CONSER.

  9. There was interest in exploring MARC and XML as "database vendor to library" transmission formats

  10. There was interest in supporting simple solutions because this may be a temporary problem.


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