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About VIVA

The Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) is the consortium of the nonprofit academic libraries within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Members include all of Virginia's state-assisted colleges and universities, as well as 32 private, nonprofit institutions and the Library of Virginia.

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How VIVA Benefits Virginia:

VIVA levels the academic playing field: Through VIVA, students and faculty at institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth have access to digital and print journals, books, reference sources, and databases that are essential for educational success and research enterprise. Whether you are at a community college or a large public university, a small liberal arts college or an elite private university, the same VIVA is available to you.

VIVA advances research enterprise within Virginia: The cornerstone for successful research is access to the research literature: great research universities always require great libraries to advance their work. In Virginia, every institution of higher education has access to a great library of essential research literature through VIVA. Researchers at institutions throughout the State can count on VIVA for the critical research and scholarly literature they need.

VIVA sets the gold standard for efficient use of taxpayer dollars: Working together through VIVA, academic libraries across Virginia have eliminated duplication and leveraged resources to get the very best value for the Commonwealth's investment. For every one dollar invested, the Commonwealth receives five dollars in valuable research material. And less than 4% of VIVA's budget is spent on administration: a full 96% goes towards obtaining digital and print library materials for students and faculty throughout Virginia.

VIVA's contribution to the quality of education in Virginia is appreciated by students and faculty at all levels of higher education.


VIVA is funded by the Virginia General Assembly and the VIVA member institutions, and is sponsored by the State Council of Higher Education (SCHEV).